Urban Dogg Grooming Services:

*We offer Grooming 5 days a week 

*Call ahead to schedule an appointment / 

 walkins welcome based on availability. 

Our mission is Quality & Timely services. 

We strive to complete your appointment on time so your love one can return home.

Grooming at Urban Dogg, It's not just for maintaining 

physical health for our K-9s, We do everything possible to 

ensure a beautiful outcome in K-9 appearance and personality. 

Note: All clients are require to provide proof of current vacanations & flea free.

For new clients, the legal owner should be present to discuss & agree for what kind of Treatment & Style.

*Here's one of our grooming stations where creativity & lovely touches begin ...

 *Here's Our Lovely K-9 After Their Grooming is Complete ...